Are you tired of managing tens or hundreds of contacts on your phone? ContactMesh allows you to manage only one contact… your own.

  • Simplifies meeting people - with wireless contact card exchange.
  • Keeps contacts current - with automatic cloud-sync to your phone.
  • Connects you quickly - by sharing groups like coworkers or teams.
  • Reduces wasted time - spent managing people's contact information.
  • Reduces frustration - by automatically getting home/office addresses.
  • Improves peace of mind - knowing your contacts are 100% accurate.
  • Control what others see - in personal, business, & school info.
  • Connects you in new ways - with full social media listings.

Available for download
beginning on
September 18, 2017


Personal, Business & School

Create multiple contact cards containing selective information you want to share with each person.

Swap Contact Cards Wirelessly

Instantly find other users nearby and exchange contact information in seconds.

Never Lose Touch

When a contact updates their information, all their contacts receive it immediately!

Share Groups. Save Time.

Share your contact groups with friends, family, and co-workers saving everyone's effort.

Maps & Navigation

Efficiently navigate to addresses you know are correct because your contact provided it.

A Full Social Media Directory

Discover new ways to connect with people by sharing social media sites that you participate in.

Contact Notes

Use your phone to add typed or voice-transcribed notes for any information to refer to later.

Cloud-Based Business Cards

Get rid of paper business cards! Go green and use the cloud to share business cards.

Let Customers Find You

Whether you're running an unadvertised dog-sitting business or have retail or office space.

Stop Running Out of Cards

Hand out an endless supply of cloud-based business cards.

Get & Give Referrals

Forward business cards to refer people and companies you recommend.

Stop Managing Everyone Else's Info

Are you still managing 20, 50, or hundreds of other people's contact information? ContactMesh makes this easier for everyone:

You decide what contact information to share. You manage only ONE contact. Your own.

Your contacts automatically receive updates you make. They manage only ONE contact. Their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to get contact info without managing their details?

Contact Mesh is a cloud-based contact management solution. It allows each user to publish and update their contact information, and only their information. All of the contacts you're connected with are automatically synchronized to capture all contact details even as your contacts' information is updated.

Can I remove a contact?

Yes, similar to other apps where you "friend" someone, you can "unfriend" them as well. The next time their phone connects to sync, your contact information will be removed from the Contact Mesh app.

Can I setup a side-business card

Absolutely! Our Free plan allows you to create any combination of up to 3 personal, business, or school cards. If you need 4 or more contact cards, our Pro and Business plans have increased limits for professional ContactMesh users. When you share contact information with another user, you can specify which business card(s) you want them to receive.

What is the easiest way to exchange cards?

If you're with the person you want to exchange contact cards with, one of you can go to Add Contact and choose Nearby. New contacts in your area will automatically show up in the list with the option to connect.

Can I allow my contacts to refer my services and forward a business card?

Yes, business card forwarding is one of our core features in the Free plan. By default, this is turned on for each business contact card. If you wish to turn this off, edit your contact card and go to the settings button to disable the Allow Forwarding setting.

Can I limit the type of information shared with others??

Yes, you have complete control over what others can see based on the contact card you choose to share. As you add contacts or they add you, you'll be prompted to specify Basic, Personal, Business, or School cards to share with that contact. This allows you to limit the type of information each contact is able to view.

Can I set out my digital business card for pickup?

Yes, one of the things that sets ContactMesh apart is that you can publish your business card for users to pickup in your neighborhood/area using geolocation. This does not require a two-way "friend" relationship and is similar to setting out your business cards for others to pickup.

What is the Group Sharing feature?

Group sharing allows a manager or organizer to share the members of his/her group with either all members of the group, or just specified users. In the first scenario, your HR Manager could create a group with all your co-workers and instantly share their contact information with everyone. In the second scenario, a sales rep could attend a trade show and add everyone visting their booth to a "Vegas Convention 2017" group. The sales rep would share the group with their manager or marketing team.

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Story behind the app

Neil Issa founded Contact Mesh, LLC in 2016 to disrupt how we manage contacts on our phones. Rather than manage tens or hundreds of other people's information, he set out to develop a solution where you manage only one contact card... your own. With over 500 contacts himself, he realized that people input hundreds of inconsistent copies of his contact information in their phones. He wanted to a more efficient way to control which phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and social media links he shared with others, without making each person input it.

The magnitude of this problem became evident when looking at sharing contact information between group members which ContactMesh handles. Even a small group, such as a company with 25 employees, would require each person to add 24 of their coworkers in each phone. That means 600 manual contact entries have to be made to "fully mesh" those coworkers! The resulting inefficiency was a staggering observation which drove him to relentlessly pursue the development of the ContactMesh app.

ContactMesh was designed from the start to make paper business cards obsolete. Every time Neil attended a networking event, he was surprised that for at least a decade everyone commented that "someday we'll stop handing out paper business cards". He even ran across several people that had even tried to solve the contact card challenge themselves, and he analyzed why their ideas were insufficient to gain popularlity. While he designed ContactMesh to handle the obvious "friending" of someone in a two-way exchange, he also addressed the fact that business cards are often a one-way exchange. Frequently, someone hands you a business card, or you pick one up from a business card holder without returning any information. This functionality became a critical component of the app allowing home, retail, and office-based businesses to "pin" their virtual business card holder to a specific geolocated address and allow other users to discover nearby cards to pick up.

After nearly a year of 100-120 hour work weeks building his vision, Neil turned his sights to launching the app in a big way, with a target market of 6.1B smart phones by 2020, or 5 times the size of Facebook's user base. Although he architected the app to run on serverless, planet-scale platforms including Microsoft's Azure Cosmos DB, he realized he will quickly need access to top-level expertise and resources to scale. To accomplish Neil's aggressive vision for ContactMesh, he applied and was accepted as an exhibitor to TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Alley where he will announce the app launch on September 18, 2017 in San Francisco! Story to be continued...

Neil Issa

CEO & Lead UX/UI Designer

What do people think?

@ContactMesh I love this app. I no longer waste time managing other people's contact info. I manage only one contact, my own!

Bob Thompson Carmel, IN

Before using this app, I had trouble keeping up with friends and coworkers moving around. I like knowing that the contact information in my phone is always up-to-date.

Kevin Snyder Denver, CO

I'm finding new ways to use ContactMesh every day. Being able to see social media sites used by everyone I know allows me to find shared interests I wasn't aware of previously.

Jim Issa Chicago, IL

I no longer have to ask "can you text me your address again". My friends share their addresses with me and I launch navigation right from their contact card.

Betsy Kissinger Columbus, IN

Contact Mesh allows me people I know to forward my business card to refer me for services my company provides. I use it as a sales tool and end up with several referrals from it each month.

Bob Finholm Chicago, IL

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  • Unlimited users
  • Digital contact card sharing
  • Create up to 3 contact cards
  • Up to 25 groups, 1 shared
  • Co-administer shared groups
  • Email priority support
  • Export to Excel or CSV
  • HRIS Integration
  • CRM Integration


Coming - November 2017

  • Unlimited users
  • Digital contact card sharing
  • Create up to 10 contact cards
  • Up to 100 groups, 50 shared
  • Co-administer shared groups
  • Email priority support
  • Export to Excel or CSV
  • HRIS Integration
  • CRM Integration



Coming - January   2017

  • Unlimited users
  • Digital contact card sharing
  • Create unlimited contact cards
  • Up to 500 groups, 250 shared
  • Co-administer shared groups
  • Email priority support
  • Export to Excel or CSV
  • HRIS Integration (BambooHR)
  • CRM Integration (coming soon!)

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